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Re: iPhone 11 Pro vs 1DXii

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I don’t use HDR in my workflow. I get my photos right when I shoot them so I don’t need to spend a bunch of time in post, You may want to lay off the personal attacks, they are against the rules and there is no need for it.

Then why are you gung ho for smartphone HDR?

Because of all the possibilities it opens up and it’s cool to see computational photography getting better every year. Unlike some here, I welcome new tech and advances in photography. I’m not scared of it or threatened by it as a cling to my DSLR and lenses and try to convince myself that there is no way a phone could do anything nearly as good as my $8k “pro” setup.

I, too, welcome new tech and advancements. But, I do that by compiling darktable with the latest commit directly from github, by learning to shoot 25+ shots and stitch them into little planet in Hugin, by tweaking and modifying the MacroFusion Python script to stack 30+ macro shots, ...

Meanwhile, I rely on my camera to provide me the sharpest and cleanest RAW data that I can feed to those advanced algorithms/tools. Remember, whatever cool tricks an iPhone can do (neural network, stacking, AI, ...), desktop/laptop softwares can do much better (not restricted by power/battery or real-time constraint), with the best data from a sensor that is 10+ times larger and higher DR, from glasses that are way superior than the (scratched) tiny lens on a phone.

Again, the smartphone is smarter than a camera, but that's just trading off the strengths of a camera+software for convenience/mobile. Different use cases/needs for different types of users.

Yup, as someone who occasionally stacks dozens of individual exposures to improve the signal/noise ratio for deep-sky astrophotography or playing with image synthesis using neural networks at home, I can't see myself being exactly averse for advanced image processing. I just *personally* prefer doing it mostly hands-on, instead of relying on black-box automation.

Obviously it's not just binary "point to something and let the camera always do all the rest" and "point to something, control everything manually, do *everything* starting from demosaicing with code written by you" choice though, even if DPR discussions often get extremely polarized. There's plenty of room for different preferences between those extremes.

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