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Latvus wrote:

Checkout the Mindshift Backlight 18l or the 24l. It’s quite hard to visualize before you try it but for me it turned out to be the best backpack I could think of. There’s not much I would change about it...

I havn't seen this one acctually. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

I agree that having it only openable from a zipper against your back is more secure. But to me that makes it less convenient. I will have to take a closer look at it to make up my mind though, thank you again.

koweb wrote:

For years, I resisted paying the price for a Peak Design Everyday backpack; but finally got a 20L model for a month in Europe this summer. The best backpack I've ever had, and I've had at least a dozen.

This bag looks gorgeous, there is no denying that. And it is in a similar price range as the Tenba and the Lowepro. I have looked at numerous reviews of it (but not acctually seen it irl yet) and to me it looks better in theory than in practice (granted I have not actually used it myself). To be it looks like the dividers are too few and the compartments they make are quite large. Here is what I mean: video at 11:30. In my eye and with my small camera gear this would either waste space or force me to put several lenses in 1 compartment. Sure, I could buy some extra dividers maybe.

What is your thoughts on this? As i said, the bag looks amazing and I would love to be wrong about this. How do you have your set-up? Care to share some pictures?

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