FYI they messed up the X-Pro viewfinder too

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FYI they messed up the X-Pro viewfinder too

So the whole justification for “that” screen on the X-Pro3 was supposed to be that the hybrid viewfinder was so improved it was all you needed.

And sure, it sounds like they’ve improved the clarity of the OVF a little and improved the EVF with an OLED panel vs the old LCD.

But then here comes the kicker I just spotted in DPreview’s preview of the camera -

Unfortunately, these improvements in the EVF appear to come at the expense of the slot-in magnifier that was used in the optical viewfinder of the older models. Instead of having 0.36x and 0.60x magnification modes, the X-Pro3 splits the difference with a fixed 0.52x magnification.

This means you can't really frame using a wide-angle lens: a 23mm lens (35mm in full-frame terms) can't show framing brightlines if focused at infinity, but will for most practical working distances. And, at the other end of things, anything over about a 56mm (85 equiv) ends up using such a small area as to be almost unusable

No magnifier.  Suddenly the range of lenses that you can practically use with the OVF has shrunk massively.  Even the classic street shooter’s 35mm equivalent is restricted, with only very limited view around the frame at closer focussing distances.  My 18 f2, the lens I probably used more than any on my X-Pro1 and 2 (with framelines) - forget it, it’ll be completely outside the bounds of the finder.

Of course there’s the EVF, and that’s why you would buy a camera like this right, to solely use the EVF full time?  “Pure photography” and all that..

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