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That might be generalizing

New Day Rising wrote:

I will never understand why so many members here - people who supposedly care about photography - get so bent out of shape by the idea that the masses are able to use small, convenient, multi purpose devices to take good photos in most situations. Photos that make them feel happy and satisfied.

I don't understand why so many people here get totally aggrieved that the masses do not pixel peep, do not make giant prints, do not feel any desire to take photos that require 400mm f/2.8 lenses. Therefore the masses don't see the greater merit of those photos that required tens of thousands of dollars worth of gear,and years of experience and hours of post processing. The masses are happy with their own photos and some members hate that happiness.

I don't understand it.

Actually, I do understand it, and find it all a bit pathetic.

I see it differently. Typically there's a post with a cell phone picture and the poster says it's an impressive image and, in any one of various ways, indicates that anyone bothering with using a proper camera should rethink their decision. From there, people will naturally point out why they can't live with the usage and output of a phone's camera. And the arguing ensues.

I have seen several posts where a member shows an image he likes and says he has no need for big prints, for 400mm shots, etc. and he says the phone works very well for his needs. Those posts are invariably met with - "Good for you", "Use what works for you", "Glad you found an easy solution for you." Of course, a dozen posts in and the antagonists change the direction of the thread.  That's another subject.

Nothing new. For years I've watched Nikon users tell Canon owners how stupid they are (switch them around or substitute any brand you like here.) And through those years I've seen as many posts from Nikon owners saying they're glad to hear you're happy with your Canon.

Start a thread with "I like what this does for me. It's not for everyone but I love it" and you'll find lots of agreeable people. Start with "Look at this great image - you're wasting your money if you don't use what I use" and, yeah, you'll ruffle feathers.

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