Greasy fingerprint near sensor on a brand new X-H1

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Re: Greasy fingerprint near sensor on a brand new X-H1

okmarzo wrote:

it might be helpful for others here to know from where it was purchased

I've purchased from pixel.connection on eBay who is an authorized dealer. They have over 99% approval rating and I've purchased other camera gear from them before. They offer free returns as well.

I reached out to them immediately and they got back to me very quickly. I asked if they could possibly expedite the return and shipping so we're to discuss tmw morning on this matter.

I'm wondering if I should just wipe it off or wait it out and just return it for a new one.

It might be an excess of lubricant that's seeping from the shutter mechanism into the throat of the camera.  I'd send it back.

Backside of the front casting with the shutter mechanism attached

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