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The last full frame camera I owned was a Minolta 35mm film camera way back in the early 90's. I was out of it for a long time then purchased a 4/3rds Oly E-510 not even knowing what 4/3rds was. I simply liked how the camera handled and the lens options were good at the time. I shot it off and on for many years. I upgraded to the EM1 about 5 years ago after a trip to Yellowstone where I found the images I came home with didnt exactly meet my standards. This kinda revived my ambitions in photography. I have since upgraded MK-II about 2 years ago now. I currently have the 12-40, 40-150 and 300 pro lenses. My two interests are landscape and wildlife. Overall, I am happy with it but I do feel the landscape side of my hobby may benefit from a full frame set up.

I am not one that needs the latest and greatest, budget wont swing that anyways. Ive seen the Sony A7R II has dropped in price enough to make it appealing, my thought was to spend a bit less on the body and more on the glass. I would probably pick up a zoom to start and then a prime and keep it at that for the landscape use.

Is the A7RII going to take my landscapes to a new level? Am I going in the right direction here or should I consider something else. Keep in mind that my current Olympus will continue to be my go to wildlife/general use camera (nothing too awful serious) so there no need to enter that into the equation. I dont feel a need to spend that kinda cash to replace what I'm currently using. I dont sell images, I just like to hang a few on the wall.



What are you expecting from a full frame? If mainly for landscape, I believe a set of filter will help better with dynamic range than the size of the sensor. If you're doing astro or low light though, that could be worth upgrading to full-frame.

My first camera was an Oly EM-10 and it was fantastic. I then moved to Nikon D750 - Image quality wise certainly a step up but I wasn't taking it with me enough due to the large size. Finally settled on Sony a7rii and it's been great. Just sharing in case you decide to make the move - perhaps you don't want to do the same "mistake".

The a7rii is hard to beat for landscape. Can be had for cheap now (I paid USD1K for mine with 20k actuations). Lenses wise, you can still adapt some lightweight manual primes (Voigtlander etc..) that will give you great images and you will be able to crop (difficult on the Oly). 42 MP gives also a beautiful rendering to my taste (almost 3D ish) if that is your thing.

Astro photography has always intrigued me. Well, anything astro, Ive got a 10" SC telescope in my shop! Been a while since I broke it out though. As you know, astro is difficult at best with M4/3

Yes in a way, I feel my landscapes now just seem flat. Friends say it looks as if you could walk into it but I look at the image and say..  meh...

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