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I experienced once more some excited reactions to the Pen F, last Sunday.

It is not the first time that this happens but this time it was extreme.

I was a whole day making pictures at a classical music event in a big and very busy cultural centre in Antwerp, using an em1 II and 2 PenF (1 silver, 1 black) and during the day a lot of people approached me to ask questions about the Pen F.

Some thought it was analog, a lot of them thought that it was something from Fujifilm, but everybody was raving about how beautiful the Pen Fs are.

When I told them that it were Olympus camera's, as always, they were all surprised and/or only vaguely knew Olympus.

This shows 2 things:

1. Fujifilm does a great job branding their camera's. When I first saw the Pen F, it was clear to me that this should be heavily marketed as a "must have" luxury item. Unfortunately Olympus never did.

2. Olympus shouldn't abandon the Pen F but reintroduce an updated, even more beautiful and design oriented, version

By the way, I use the Pen Fs very intensely (together with 2 em1s and a em10) because I do lots of theatre, classical music and wedding photography, and they are very reliable work horses, something you would not expect from such beauties.

The PEN-F was heavily reviewed. It's design piqued a LOT of interest from photography media.

It had 2 knocks against it:

1) The price was too high for the specs. The trendy, hipster (see the video ad and the packaging with its own Dolce & Gabbanna model printed on the box) marketing didn't help. It didn't look like a step up from the EPL/M-series and didn't look like a rangefinder alternative to the OM series entirely. The grip helped with the Pro/2.8 glass...they got that part right, but the lack of any grip made it not so comfortable to hold for the price. And no weather sealing and a lacklustre EVF. Not a real value camera.

2) The JPEG-centric color dial and Art and Scn filters came across as a feeble attempt to replace post-processing on third party devices. In doing so it alienated the same buyers at a price point who are RAW shooters almost exclusively. The overall design screamed "traditional rangefinder" or "street", while the software and color wheel yelled back "consumer grade".

Once again, I must admit I completely do not understand this anti art filter and anti colour dial mentality.
When the pen-f came out, there were so many people making negative comments (of varying intensity) regarding these things, that I actually thought:

‘good lord. Did Olympus disable the ability to shoot in raw if you use the front colour dial of the pen-f??????’

I actually asked that question on these forums, and was obviously told that of course you can shoot raw AND jpeg/art filter/colour dial.

The color dial was Japan Inc. trying to do in-camera, on a tiny, low res rear screen, what everyone does with a free app on a mobileOS device...and the latter does it 10x better and can share instantaneously.

Yes you can reconfigure, but the whole concept and labelling is Olympus practically begging you NOT to use your smartphone. It didn't work, was a waste of resources, confused the market, looked cheap (RAW snobbery), and came across as an unfocused (sic) design and marketing effort.

Most reviewers agreed.

Art filters etc. are a throwback to the pre-mobileOS days. They are essentially crappy apps resting on the already substandard camera OS, using resources better applied elsewhere.

This is an interesting view. It is not really instantaneous, or quicker at all, as you would have to transfer the original pic to the camera then open the app and modify it with whatever filter, and then you can send it off

with the art filter in camera, you send it to your camera through the app and share it already done

Plus if I remember correctly the app significantly downsizes the pictures which to me is ridiculous

The workflow you described has to be done anyway as pretty much the major gateway to all image networking now is done via mobile OS devices followed a distant second by PC/Macs.

Jane and Joe Consumer...the ones in the PEN-F ads, are likely far more nimble with mobileOS apps than any junk app or color dial on a dedicated camera. Literals, this was Olympus trying to reinvent the wheel.

The main flaw affecting the dedicated optical camera maker industry is an inability to transfer images onto mobileOS at the highest quality, quickly.

I was just at a café today and three grandmas were each with an iPad sharing photos of a trip they'd taken together. Over 70s very familiar with the workings of an iOS device, comfortable with organizing, sharing, and enjoying photos. That's the very function of a dedicated computer device, but not an optical camera. The PEN-F was a very naked attempt by Olympus to usurp that pattern and make the camera itself the editing device. The fact they actually engineered a dedicated control dial to do that speaks volumes about Olympus's misplaced understanding of the imaging market.

And it's probably a factor adding to the PEN-Fs cost and, ultimately, it's lack of market staying power. That's the shame, because the RF design is useful and has a place in m43.

Again I’m confused.

Are you saying that it is better to take a picture on the camera, transmit it to the phone, open up Olympus pallette app, apply the art filter, then send out versus take the picture in camera with art filter already applied, transmit to phone and then send out?

Also, you mention about transmission at the highest quality possible. My understanding is that any file transferred to the phone from the camera and edited in the Olympus pallette will be downsized, so why not edit it (apply the art filter) in camera to avoid this???

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