Shoulder Bag for XF 50-140mm With Hood, Attached to X-T3/Grip?

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Re: Shoulder Bag for XF 50-140mm With Hood, Attached to X-T3/Grip?

crowley213 wrote:

sshapiro wrote:


I am about to receive a new XF 50-140mm lens and would like to know about shoulder bags that will accommodate the lens, with hood extended, while attached to either an X-T3 and grip or an X-H1 and grip. I am thinking a Tenba DNA 15 Messenger might work, but I would also like to consider alternatives. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe have a look also into the Billingham Hadley One and Hadley Pro.

I owe both bags and both bags fit the X-T3 w/ MHG (not battery grip!) and 50-140mm w/ lens hood normally mounted in a horizontal (not vertical!) position. They fit also easily the X-T3 w/ 16-55 mounted and the 50-140mm with lens hood reversed or 2-3 other lenses, e.g. primes, plus whatever else gear.

As you ask for the battery grip mounted to the X-T3 (adding approx. 20mm more height than the MHG) I assume the Hadley One would be the better fit as it is deeper. I am not sure that would fit into the Hadley Pro or it would be quite a squeezed fit.

The Billingham Hadley camera bags are absolutely great quality and while having a simple design they offer, at least from my point of view, all necessary and useful features. Not the most cost effective bags but absolutely worth their money.


I will look at those options. Thanks!

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