Apocalypse: iPhone 11 Pro VS $7500 Pro DSLR Camera

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Re: For the millionth time...

Lee Jay wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Not true.

Yes true.

There are several companies who make lenses for iPhones.

A-focal lens are almost always garbage, and they still cover a very narrow range of focal lengths and apertures.

Moment and Sandmarc being two companies who make multiple lenses. You may want to do some research.

I've used and owned some afocal lenses.

Looking at the link below, I see everything from fisheye and macro to telephoto. What are you looking for exactly?

My carry-around kit is 180° horizontal to 400mm, 640mm or 960mm equivalent, not including cropping, and 29-80mm at f/2.8 (full-frame equivalent) and up to 320mm f/4.5 (full-frame equivalent).

Ive seen some fantastic photos taken with both the iPhone stock lenses and with the Moment and Sandmarc lenses.

Which says exactly nothing.

Maybe the problem isn't the gear...

Show me a phone match for this shot. 320mm-equivalent, ISO 10,000, f/2.8, fast-moving subject.

I have shots in much tougher conditions.

This thread appears to be completely over your head. No one is saying an iPhone will replace a great camera and quality lenses for everything. Its showing that an iPhone can easily hang with a top camera in conditions most people are shooting in and it can also outperform a top camera in certain situations, like those backlit scenes the 1DX couldn't expose properly.

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