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Lee Jay wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Right. So what you've just said is that you need to add a fill flash to those indoor scenes for a proper photo on a DSLR.

No, just that that is a preferable way to do it.

My SLR has HDR built in and so does my processing software. I use it once in a great while.

Thats more time, more money, more work and an additional accessory to have to carry around.

Again, you're arguing for convenience, not quality.

The iPhone doesn't need to use its flash, it can properly expose that scene without an issue.

No, it can't.

The smart HDR software is that good.

Maybe to you.

This is one area the iPhone is superior to a DSLR/mirrorless camera.

And yet almost all of them have the same feature, it's just that those of us who care about photography don't let the camera decide for us whether or not it gets used.

Great. Can you please recreate a scene similar to that, take the shot with your SLR and post the results here? The 1DXii cant do it, but you're old SLR can, thats awesome. You dont own an iPhone 11 Pro, nor have you tested one, so you should probably stop making absolute statements on what it can and cant do because they aren't based on anything other than your opinions and assumptions.

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