Foggy/pixelated images Nikon D70

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Re: Foggy/pixelated images Nikon D70

What lens are you using? What distance to your subject are you shooting?

Are the symptoms just when doing macro? What about a regular landscape or indoor photo?

My first thought is that you may be trying to take macro pictures from a lens that isn't a macro lens. All lenses have a minimum focusing distance. The lens will not focus when targeting anything shorter than this distance (focal plane to subject). Bringing the camera closer to the subject will not improve anything, and just make everything out of focus and "foggy".

You may also be experiencing shallow depth of field.   The example you gave is back focusing - or it's focusing on things that are behind the closest part of the object.   When doing macro, you have a shallow depth of field, or a small area where items are in focus, and other things are out of focus.  Anything not in focus could also be described as foggy or not sharp.

Have you tried manually focuses and seeing if other objects become sharp?

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