Finally have something to show ;D

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Finally have something to show ;D


Some folks here might remember my little project of combining fashion photography with movie-like stages.

Kendall kindly provided me contacts inside Sigma, so I could try my luck to present them this little project.

I don't think I can do this in the proper time frame to grab their interest (Foveon FF is already on the corner), but anyway, I'm having an amazing time with my SD1 M.

This past Sunday, I've shot my first theme within this project.

Everything you're about to see was self financed, a labor of love which doesn't involve clients.

I'll be honest with you guys, inside amateur domains (which technically I am right now),
I doubt there's anything close to that happening in the world at the moment.

It was a journey of at least 3 or 4 months.

Everything started very small, on a few paper drawings

Since earlier this year (March, April, May?), I've been learning how to build these sets, by sheer trial and error.

I knew nothing about building such things not too long ago, but it's been an amazing, delightful ride.


Designs and supervising is all done by myself, but off course I've had help from friends, and from people that work in my house and at my actual dayjob haha

This is how my "studio" looks right now.

It's been resembling an workshop for quite some time now.

Junior is just awesome

Lovely ladies, couldn't do it without their awesome assistance.

2 mummies were built, with very simple materials but a ton of realism.

The next step:

The whole thing had to be transported to a different location, so I could have more room to compose, light, etc.

I know my ways in 3d software (been doing visual effects work since teen days), so I planned the whole shoot in a 3d environment.

4 months of hard work later, we were finally ready to make it happen.

350 kg of sand...

Feeling very proud haha

Model Hevi Silveira, looking like Rick O' Connel himself


Styling by Aline Gonzales.


Absolutely lovely, GORGEOUS Letícia Paola


A bit of action ;D

A very proud crew

Again some credits:

Directing, concept, photography, editing:

Márcio Napoli @marcio_user


Letícia Paola @foxxpaola

Hevi Silveira @oheverton_


Aline Gonzales @gingeraline

Beauty artist:

Leícia Paola @foxxpaola

Video making of:

Ygor Barbosa @ygbarbosa


Josélio and Ruiter

Here's a very quick preview from the SD1 M.

Image quality is atrocious here because it's from a phone shooting at my workstation screen.

And to make things worse, I've transferred from my phone to my email using "low" quality mode due to small dayjob internet connection.

Reason why all of these images look like it came from a potato...

But it's just for now, to tell you guys this little story.

I'll post with proper image quality later on when I have some edited shots.

Shots below are jaw dropping gorgeous on my pc monitor.

The SD1 M's rendering is absolutely amazing!

This is not the final composition.

She'll be shooting mummies on the foreground with a gun.

I also have 2 more compositions as well, one which was shot on my Phase One, and the other one also on the SD1 M.

Needless to say, the SD1 M performed flawlessly.

IQ is just about the very best I've ever seen, it simply obliterates (ultra boring) stuff like my Nikons (D3x, D800, D700...)

There's just nothing quite like Foveon.

As long as you properly light, it offers the very best IQ in the industry, second to none.

Well, that's it for now guys.

I'll post better images when I have something edited.

This is the first of a series, when I'm combining photography with movie-like productions.

I wouldn't be too surprised if this is indeed among the most ambitious amateur projects happening in the world at the moment.

At least it is, if we're talking about Brazil.

And I'm super, super proud to do it with my SD1 M. Couldn't be any happier with my purchase.

Sigma / Foveon are downright amazing.

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

Nikon D700 Nikon D800 Sigma SD1
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