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Re: iPhone 11 Pro vs 1DXii

Stroker wrote:

Lee Jay wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

These are really close, even in lower light which is crazy.

No they aren't.

How's that iPhone do in low-light at 400mm-equivalent and a fixed shutter speed of 1/400th to freeze motion?

Answer: The iPhone won't even get a shot, while the SLR and 400/2.8 will get great shots.

The iPhone can shoot at 1/125,000 sec.

How's that 1DXii to shoot at a fixed shutter speed of 1/125,000th to freeze motion?

Answer: The 1DXii won't even get a shot, while the iPhone will get a great one!

One thing to keep in mind is that the shutter rate of the (electronic-only) iPhone shutter is slower than that of the mechanical shutter on the 1DX II or most ILCs. I measure it to be roughly 1/120s on the main camera and 1/60s on the 2x telephoto. Compare that to ~1/300s for ILCs. This means that even with the high shutter speeds electronic shutters can offer (1/32,000 sec on a9), you're going to be limited by the shutter rate.

All non-global shutters are limited this way, including ILCs. It's just that 1/300s shutter rate is a lot better than 1/120s on the iPhone (which is actually really impressive, & is what allows it to read out 4K video at 120 fps for 60Hz HDR video), or the ~1/30s I'm measuring on the Google Pixel phones.

Note that the result of these slower shutter rates won't look like motion blur, but motion will be skewed from top to bottom. Think rolling shutter in video.

Also, what sort of motion are you shooting that requires 1/125,000 sec to freeze? 1/8000s is fast enough to freeze most motion you're likely to encounter.
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