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Re: iPhone 11 Pro vs 1DXii

These threads get silly far go quickly

It would of course be nice to compare  full resolution images. I really wish dpreview would add a few phones so we can see them on a level playing field. I do wonder why we haven't see this. I suspect it's because the phones aren't a bad as some hope.

But here is another question. Why can't modem cameras not do the same clever tricks as phones. I read a phone review in amateur photographer. I wanted to read about using RAW. Their conclusion was don't bother. They couldn't get the RAW to match the jpg.

Just imagine what a full frame camera could do of it could stack and average 10 images removing ghosting as it went without me needing to play on Photoshop. Or do in cameras HDR as well as a phone.

The answer is of course that camera manafactureres don't have the software. How long will we put up with that?

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