THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Leonard Shepherd
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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

The pricing is a product intended for the masses.

If many of the masses decide the Z50 and the 2 new VR lenses at £1,200 launch price including UK 20% sales tax is a better buy than upgrading to a £1,200 smart phone - then measured in camera sales units the Z50 might be a mirrorless revolution.

If the 3 item price falls to around £1,000 with a DX zoom range from 16 to 250mm (350mm FX equivalent) within about 3 months I foresee at least medium success.

Few if any smart phones get to 60mm FX equivalent angle of view.

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Leonard Shepherd
In lots of ways good photography is much more about how equipment is used rather than anything else.

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