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Re: iPhone 11 Pro vs 1DXii

Dexter75 wrote:

How did the 1DXii do in the video in the shots with a subject in front of a window? Very poorly, it blew everything in the background out while the iPhone nailed it. The 1DX couldn’t even handle the following outdoor shots in the video with the guy under the tree, it blew out the sky while again, the iPhone nailed it. The iPhone has superior IQ to a $5500 full frame camera with a quality $2000 lens which is very impressive. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. With the iPhones Night Mode and an aftermarket lens, I wouldn’t assume the iPhone won’t even get a shot in the scenario you listed above.

What is your definition of IQ?

I hate to repeat myself here, but the only advantage a phone has is convenience. The software is smart enough to make the mediocre image looks decent, but there's nothing it can do that post-processing the RAW can't. A desktop software is much more powerful and have no real-time constraint.

The smartphone makes it easy for its user. The camera leaves the control and creativity to the photographer. If the photographer doesn't know how to shoot and process a backlit scene, s/he probably should just switch to using the smartphone if s/he doesn't want to invest time into learning/mastering her/his tool.

Sorry to everyone else, I'm bored at lunch and feel like feeding the trolls. Expecting FluidKnowledge and Brick Wall to jump in soon

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