See this really interesting interview with Olympus....

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Re: See this really interesting interview with Olympus....

VideoPic wrote:

With all the half full glass posters hitting the M43 community hard with wild statements I was looking for an interview with Olympus that would be informative.... I found one. Its unfortunately in French, the publication Phototrends

You can use a great translator to translate the interview.

MANY of the daily claims and statements you see on this forum is answered in this interview.....


Thanks for the link. Particularly relevant and agrees with the point I was saying in the other thread. From google translate:

"Kenny Suzuki: We must continue to present the benefits of the micro 4/3. Of course, we know that in terms of ISO sensitivity or megapixels, we can not beat the wider sensors. But we are slowly improving our system with high image quality in constant progression. We can cover with our system the majority of the types of photographs: there are already many professionals who use micro equipment 4/3 Olympus so we continue on this momentum."

"Ray Okubo: Before closing, I wanted to add something. Internally at Olympus we have our "basic skills", which sets us apart from the competition. Point # 1 is a compact and lightweight system and we have mentioned it several times. The second point is our range of optics: without a lens, we can not make images. It's the combination of the case and optics that counts. In third point, image stabilization is also a topic on which we wish to be ahead of the industry. With these three points, we want to continue to shape the hybrid market and be beyond the competition. That's what we're going to actively communicate on now."

Basically what I've been saying. Olympus knows very well it's a losing battle to go head to head on IQ against the larger formats (either on ISO performance or resolution). It's focusing on its strengths: compact/lightweight system, the lens selection, IBIS. I put "system" in bold because a lot of people focus on body and also claim cameras like E-M1X violate Olympus's focus, even though from interviews it's very clear Olympus considers that camera to fit as the smallest/lightest vertical gripped body you can buy now.

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