f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

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Re: f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

Guy Churchward wrote:

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Guy Churchward wrote:

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Guy Churchward wrote:

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to manually step the F down and have a fast shutter speed on the camera... hints welcome please... Thx Guy

Put the camera in manual.

One of the unlabeled mode dials will now control shutter speed and the other will control aperture.

If you don't have enough ambient light for the aperture/shutter speed combination you can add fill light (strobes, hot lights) or you can bump up ISO.

Is there a particular type of shot you are trying to achieve or just experimenting?

I took this bee pic and it was suggested to jump the Fstop to 8..

am playing with the camera.. basically trying out track mode and honing a lens.. got a good snag on a hummingbird so super happy with setup, just cramming refresher knowledge

Basically trying to figure out the perfect combo and mode setting for wildlife using the 74 and 100-400 and them laying the 1.4x

bee pic can get a lot batter, just figuring it out before I have subjects I can’t try out on..

First, I like these photos, so you are doing well already.

Another thing you can do is to use flash for macro. Then you can keep the shutter speed slower since the flash is going to "freeze" the scene, but still have ambient light in the background. The other great thing is you can handhold without worrying about camera shake.

Here are a few narrow aperture shots at 1/160 shutter speed with flash. I also threw in at the end a shot with wide aperture chosen specifically for the "dreamy" look, but still with fill flash.

Makes me want to buy the 90m

Its worth it. Even if you put the macro IQ performance aside, the handling for macro focusing scenarios is really amazing. It's focus ring that just clicks back/forward into manual/auto and is very smooth and controlled. One of the few electronically wired MF rings that feels nearly the same as mechanically linked.

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