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Biggs23 wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

These are really close, even in lower light which is crazy. Most trained photographers will be able to spot the iPhone shots because of the aggressive bokeh, not because the overall photo is inferior quality, but your average person would never be able to spot that. I think if he had edited the iPhone photos by increasing the aperture slider to more match the look of the bokeh in the 1DX, they would pretty indistinguishable. The bokeh in portrait mode looks too mushy and fake to me if the aperture is anything more than about f/4 in most shots. You really have to watch it and adjust accordingly.

The most surprising thing here to me was at the 4 minute mark. The iPhone nails the tricky lighting situations where the 1DX struggles and blows out the backgrounds and sky. It’s those things like smart HDR, Night Mode, and now Deep Fusion, that are making these smartphone cameras really good these days and in some cases, even better than high end cameras.


The key to these videos (and the MANY) like it, is simple: Take generic shots that do not in any way challenge a camera and then embed them into a video. Additional step: do not provide the images in full resolution for viewers to examine.
When you actually attempt to compare the two things with integrity, it simply doesn't work out. It's much harder to get tens of thousands of clicks that way.

Summary: Fake news.

Fair points but I think those shots at the 4 minute mark with the tricky lighting thru the window challenges cameras, and the 1DX lost badly, even the outdoor shots that follow it, look how the 1DX blew out the sky but the iPhone nailed it, that’s RAW vs JPEG too. Why do you need full resolution photos to pixel peep at 300%? The people looking at your photos aren’t doing that. They are looking at them just as we are in this video. No one was blowing up film images back in the day and looking for any noise and then proclaiming it to be a bad image when they found some. Most of the greatest photos ever taken are technically flawed and would be ripped apart by millennial pixel peepers. It’s the crowd of pixel peepers that really kill photography, an image is far more than its digital pixels.

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