f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

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Re: f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

JimKasson wrote:

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JimKasson wrote:

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One thing I learnt is never arguing you in theory as you always 'win'

That's fine as I said I more care methodology than theory, so as you said agree on disagree I prefer my methods that based on field experiences and work for me best such as configuring two modes in airshow - dial 1 (ISO 50, Tv mode with 1/200 default) and dial 2 (auto-ISO, M-mode, f6.3 and 1/2000 default), and then also configure and use Install-Recall.

Again, I will point out that this is not a discussion of theory, but of two different ways of working.

Sure. My issue with Sony bodies, or otherwise no need for two modes if,

1) ISO 50 can be added into auto-ISO (but not ISO 64 and 80). It's an option.

2) Even better if Sony could add such terrific Safety-Shift feature as Canon and Nikon (also ISO 50 can be part of auto-ISO that is an option) implemented a decade ago. It's also an option.

Is a showstopper? Nope but just a bit annoying.

Yeap we have different ways (I call methods) of working. Such my configuration works for me best that only matters

You mean "only that matters", right? If so, that's right. For you.

Sure, as your ways of working matter to you. Such as you suggested to use the EC wheel instead of ISO 50 and two configurations in my case with the same end result. Then I'd argue in my defense that by using EC does't have right brightness in EVF/LCD and you still need to adjust in software, no mention I had to tape the EC wheel that is a big issue to many owners forced Sony now to implement an optional EC lock on A9 II and A7r IV. Appears your method have extra 'issues' or steps but with the same end result to me, why on earth I should not use my method but yours? I shoot in fields and I fully experience those issues to me so I adopt the method working best for me. That what I said our respective method matters to each of us respectively, unless you can elaborate (such as auto-ISO in this thread in those applications) that my methods will result inferior photos that I will dispute that takes into account of capturing moments and process.

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