A7III or A7RIII for portrait and landscape

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A7III or A7RIII for portrait and landscape

So... I'm in a dilemma.

I'm thinking about upgrading to a a7rIII after the prices go down due to the a7riv...

But I prefer the a7iii.

It seems to be slightly better at everything...

Video, iso to noise ratio, DR.

BnW pictures seem also better.

And for some unkown reason...

The images from the A7riii seem softer after fine tuning the sharpening... What is going on here? The R model is supposed to get sharper images with the higher resolution and the lack of AA... I can see more detail due to resolution, but when comparing pictures at the same size the a7iii images seems sharper.

Maybe it is a scaling problem?

Now... If I think the a7iii is better overall in my mind... Why I'm considering the a7riii?

Durability and supposedly better at landscapes/portraits (closer to medium format in resolution).

Sony advertises in the product page that the a7riii has in average garanted 500k shutter actuations (they dropped the claim on the a7riv), while the a7iii doesn't have any type of durability claims. But from user reports it tends to go up to 200k before failing. Meaning... I'll be able to use the A7III for around 5 years and the a7riii for 10+ years(in 10+ years I'll have money to buy another body I guess).

So... Should I go for the a7riii? Or should I go with the A7III? And is the A7riii also more rugged and with better sealing for trekking and such?

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