Bugs, Lizard, Big Turtle, Lotsa Birds, & some DIFs (10/22/19)

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Bugs, Lizard, Big Turtle, Lotsa Birds, & some DIFs (10/22/19)

Keeping the wildlife coming!  This post has some photos taken out in the wetlands just 1 month ago, over two different weekend days, Sep 21 and Sep 22, at Green Cay and Wakodahatchee Wetlands.  I've got some bugs, reptiles, and birds mixed in here, just to keep things diverse.

All shots taken with the A6300 and FE100-400mm GM, this time without the TC...and all are posted at 1400 pixels on the long side if you click the originals:

Starting out with another grasshopper - I've had them in my last few posts as this is the season for them.  Always hard to find but easy to hear - every once in a while you get lucky and can track the sounds to their hiding place

This grey-headed swamphen chick was forced to swim through deeper waters to follow mom and dad to a new feeding spot - they're not great swimmers as they don't have webbed feet - so it was slow going!

A green heron hiding in the trees, just above the water where they like to hunt from

Florida softshell turtles can be varying sizes - but some can get quite large.  This one was a beast, dwarfing the 3-4 foot iguana behind him...he was up on the bank with his head held high and mouth open - though not sure why!

Speaking of green iguanas, here's a colorful juvenile having a look at the photographer

One of the wee-est of wee birds - only marginally larger than a hummingbird, this is the blue-grey gnatcatcher, who is a migrating and winter resident down here in Florida - and very hard to catch as they rarely sit still!  This one was already crouching to leap to the next branch

And since we're on wee birds...might as well throw in a ruby-throated hummingbird having a taste of the firecracker plants

A sneak closeup with a yellow-crowned night heron, sitting in the usual spot above the pond and catching occasional daytime naps...unless someone's walking by that they need to keep an eye on!

It's time for another grasshopper!  I've been pretty lucky in finding them the past month or two

A lovely female anhinga hanging out in a pond apple tree

A snowy egret, walking a bed of reeds that was flattened by something large moving over them - probably a gator moving through the shallows

A young, wet, red-bellied woodpecker, on the side of a palm tree, with a juicy red berry

A growing grey-headed swamphen chick, standing proud while the parent grooms in the background

A pondhawk dragonfly buzzing over the reeds looking for smaller flying insects to nab

I stayed with this guy for a bit, and he flew out from the reeds and over the open water

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as usual!

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