f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

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Re: f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

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For the life of me I cannot figure out how to manually step the F down and have a fast shutter speed on the camera... hints welcome please... Thx Guy

The Iso discussion we had 2 times before, question remains do you like the picture of the lion , or prefer to risk underexpose, in this case because of fixed (low) Iso.

The pure theorists will tell you under fixed low ISO is not underexposed but under-brightness Remember ISO stop is not part of exposure But in reality we all do by using native ISO in certain applications at least for the right brightness which in practically not that much difference from exposure, at least as labelled in Lr for example, lol.

What I don't understand, why spend a small fortune on camera and lenses, if you don't know the existence of manual on the 7 IV camera.

I personally more care methodology than theory as only final photos matter.

My advice in based not only upon a hard-won understanding of how the camera works, but upon actual usage, and the development of a way of working to take maximum advantage of the camera's capabilities. It's a different way of working than that chosen by PWPhotography. His apparently works for him. Mine works for me.

Really you will use A9 in dim-light sport at ISO 640 and push very dark photos many stops back as otherwise you'd need ISO 3200, 6400, 12800? It will work but you cannot check photos in EVF/LCD and need to process in software with questionable benefits for just preserving highlight a bit more but may also suffer a bit higher shadow noise.

But, in this context, I think the reference to "pure theorists" is insulting.

Not for you so you don't need to fit yourself in. Pure theorists are no any insulting mean but just for some mainly emphasize in theory not in practice and reality.

As you said we all have different preference and priority.  I am very satisfied my 'way' as that delivers the photos in my expectation.


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