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GivenToFly wrote:

If I were to use a 16-80mm/f4 on an APC-S, then at two stops better, it would actually be a wash with respect to noise when shooting wide compared to a one-inch sensor that is f/1.8 wide, correct? Just want to make sure I understand the science here!

In terms of total light gathered and hence DoF & noise, that's about right. One-inch sensors typically have about 1/3 the surface area of APS-C, so it's actually more like a 1 and 2/3s-stop difference. There's a 1-stop jump from 1" to MFT, then a 2/3-stop jump to APS-C, then a 1-1/3 stop jump to 35mm format.

It's their bright built-in lenses that make advanced compacts competitive with larger formats. To do better with a larger format, you typically need to skip the kit lens and move directly to primes or rather expensive premium zooms.

OTOH, dynamic range will likely be greater on a larger sensor due to larger pixel wells (which can collect more photons per pixel and thus blow out at a higher saturation level).

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