Looking for a laptop for editing under 400

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Re: Looking for a laptop for editing under 400

Markp71 wrote:

I recently bought a lx10 because of some advice on this forum. I'm a backpacker who spends a lot of time in the backcountry so the small lx10 was perfect. As I'm learning photography I understand editing is a big part of it. Right now I edit on my phone and that works ok. But it's really slow and limited. I'm looking for a laptop to do my editing but it's very expensive and confusing. I need some advice on some laptops new or older models, I love finding deals on ebay that would fit my needs. I'm not sure this is enough info so if you need more info just ask. Here are some pics I recently took any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated


Looking at your photos link, I guess you're in the US. I suspect that, like in the UK, $400 buys a very basic laptop. You do not say what phone you have nor what phone-based app you've been using (Snapsee is free and remarkably powerful, yet easy to use, but doesn't do layers).  If an iPhone then an iPad would make a lot of sense, even the basic iPad is quite powerful, though storage is limited and you probably need to get the next step up storage-wise. If Android then there are many tablets to choose from and storage can be expanded with an OTG pendrive(s).

If sticking with a laptop then you'd be best to search on current special offers because it can make a big difference to the value for money.  You'll not get an SSD at that price point but as long as it has decent USB connectivity, preferably, at least, USB3.0, you can extend storage and back it up too.  Screen resolution would be best at full HD not 720p

Consider also what software you will use for PP, there are some good free packages, like FastStone.  You should have access to Silky Pix for free.  If you are at the bottom of the learning curve on PC image software and do not want to get into Adobe, then look at thr very powerful Affinity Photo.

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