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Come on feel the noise

GivenToFly wrote:

Hey, all. I own a Canon G7X II and just returned from taking many photos on vacation. I just started learning to edit RAW on Lightroom, but have been disappointed with with the images shot in ISO 800, and very disappointed in ISO 1600 or greater. There is a lot of noise, graininess, and/or softness. This has happened with photos taken in low light during the early stages of a sunrise, as well as low light, indoor photos.

Based on all the reviews I had read, I had the impression that one inch sensors (whether Canon or Sony) were good at ISOs as high as 1600 or even 3200. So am I doing something wrong?

As John said, in some of those examples you could try and slow your shutter. Other than that, no

Do others have the same experience when shooting in ISO 800+?

Yes. Every camera I have ever owned has noise at ISO 800.

Is there anything I can do to improve the noise/graininess of images shot at 800+?

Better editing technique and software will help a LITTLE

If the answers to these questions are no, why do all of these reviews commend the ability to shoot in high ISO?

Because they actually do pretty well when underexposed "for a pocketable camera".

And finally, would this problem be significantly addressed with an APS-C camera?

Not unless putting a fast lens on it

How much better is an APS-C at 800 and at 1600 than a one inch sensor?

Significantly BUT only with a faster lens. The place where those 1" compacts shine is having "fast" lenses. Your camera has a 1.8-2.8 zoom which helps your camera be competitive with larger sensors with slower zooms. You aren't going to shoot at the same ISO with an ILC without switching to a much more expensive lens or primes

Thanks in advance for all insight and info you can provide!!

Noise is always a tough conversation because people look at it like a finite value. I LOATHE when people say stuff like "I am good to ISO 1600". To me that means nothing. That's great that someone else has drawn a personal line for acceptable noise BUT I think the type of shot and personal expectations vary amongst all of us.

I apologize that you feel misled. You aren't going to do better without doing something different. If you go buy a 4/3 or an ApsC camera with a slow kit lens you will likely be shooting higher ISO and the end results will be largely similar. The one caveat there is scenes like your sunrise pic(or was it from a plane? I really just glanced.......) Where you have massive DR differences and pull your shadows a lot. Larger sensors retain detail in the underexposed areas better than smaller sensors. The conversation goes just like noise where what is acceptable moves on a gradient. AND no sensor can do as well as stacking/HDR BUT those come with their own caveats.

So on short I would keep at it and try to understand a little noise is just part of the game. If you want to knock it down significantly you will need to weigh out the cost size differences and if it matters to you

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