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Wigelii wrote:

I experienced once more some excited reactions to the Pen F, last Sunday.

It is not the first time that this happens but this time it was extreme.

I was a whole day making pictures at a classical music event in a big and very busy cultural centre in Antwerp, using an em1 II and 2 PenF (1 silver, 1 black) and during the day a lot of people approached me to ask questions about the Pen F.

Some thought it was analog, a lot of them thought that it was something from Fujifilm, but everybody was raving about how beautiful the Pen Fs are.

When I told them that it were Olympus camera's, as always, they were all surprised and/or only vaguely knew Olympus.

This shows 2 things:

1. Fujifilm does a great job branding their camera's. When I first saw the Pen F, it was clear to me that this should be heavily marketed as a "must have" luxury item. Unfortunately Olympus never did.

2. Olympus shouldn't abandon the Pen F but reintroduce an updated, even more beautiful and design oriented, version

By the way, I use the Pen Fs very intensely (together with 2 em1s and a em10) because I do lots of theatre, classical music and wedding photography, and they are very reliable work horses, something you would not expect from such beauties.

Hi, interesting read and great feedback on the Pen-F. Unfortunately many "experts" will reply to your feedback with only negative and depressing comments - guest that is the culture of this forum....

That said I do believe the Pen-F is one of the milestone markers for Olympus. The Pen-F moved away from the old film camera style photography (focus, exposure, framing, take the image) closer to a modern "digitally manipulated image" seen all over social network platforms.

Combined that with Olympus new editing software Workspace which allows the photographer to create color profiles which one can then apply in the Pen-F. The option to share profiles were even made possible.

All fell basically flat because as you rightly said - the product was not promoted and the added unique functionality not. I tried Fuji as I were interested to see why people rave about Fuji "ART" filters. No adjustments possible, monotone, all look the same results. Great filters & results but not a close match to the Pen-F. In contrast the Pen-F offer thousands of possible color variations when developing profiles.

We trust Olympus will continue with this exciting trend or development and hope to see a Pen F II. There are many photographers who moved on from the old style film photography and who are ready for this trend....

See this article I wrote about this subject


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