Options for view camera movements with an A7Riii

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Options for view camera movements with an A7Riii

I'm looking for a cost-effective way to do some photography with a camera with movements, mostly because I'm curious and would like to try it out. I've shot 35mm digital and film SLR/MILC since 2005 - currently an A7Riii.

My consultations with Professor Google lead to a few options.

The easiest is to put my A7Riii on a Cambo Actus-B Mini. This would cost about $2600 without the lens, so it's not really "cost-effective".

Another option is to get a 4x5 (or 2x3) camera - a used monorail or a Chroma - and mount the A7Riii to it. This seems to have some substantial downsides: The lenses are going to be long and have poor resolving power for the A7Riii, probably even with one of the digital large format lenses. It might be good enough, though, to see if I like it.

Or the cheapest option is, again, a 4x5, and shoot film. I'm not really anxious to bring film back into my life but, again, it might be ok to see if I like it.

I do most of my photography around the city (San Francisco) or not far from my car. I already have a tripod and head capable of holding 8 kg, so at least I have that going for me.

Did I miss any options? Perspective correction in post-processing doesn't really satisfy my goal

Thanks for any input.

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