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Re: Single Click Crop? Lightroom

Victor Engel wrote:

mclewis wrote:

Victor Engel wrote:

Suppose I'm following an airplane at an air show, for example. I'd like the center of mass of the airplane to be in the center of the crop. Currently, what I do is to drag the crop marquee to where I want it. It would be much faster if I could click on the point I wanted to be the center. Is there a way to do this?

Nope. How does LR know what the subject of the photo is? Maybe in the future you can give it examples and it will try and guess for other photos but for now it cannot know.

LR doesn't have to know what the subject is. It just has to know where I click. I click at a particular point on the image, and LR recenters to that point. Easy peasy.

Of course that would only work if the subject is always in the same place in the frame.

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