Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

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Re: Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

Etchelion wrote:

Hi! Thanks for the great idea. May I ask you if with this solution requires the Raspberry as a dedicated backup tool? Or could be also used as a "normal" Raspberry for others applications?

Best regards!!


As set up as standard, the Little Backup Box software does take over control of the Pi.  After  powering up, it waits for 5 mins and shuts down if no drives are attached and if they are it does the backup and then shuts down.  It’s easy enough to interrupt that with the ‘sudo shutdown -c’ command at startup.  Then the Pi runs as normal and that’s what I’ve been doing.

However, if that ends up being a pain, it is  a very simple script with the timing work done by Cron so anyone with a little experience of a Pi and Python will have no problem modifying the script so it can run as a user triggered script.  In fact, the easiest way to stop it running automatically would be to just comment out that cron job and then reinstate it when you want it to run normally. 
I haven’t tried to change things as cancel shutdown works fine for me and I really like the default simplicity of running without a screen and it just being plug and play without fuss when I’m out and about.


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