What about the smaller cameras?

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What about the smaller cameras?

Both Olympus and Panasonic are dragging their feet with their current, respective smaller offerings. Their E-PL10 and GF10 models are very similar to models circa 2014/15 (E-PL7, GF7, respectively)

I understand "small" or "budget" is not where the market money is at the moment, but the fact that those lines of cameras have been running since day 1 would indicate a willingness (i.e, there is money) to keep them alive.

I find I use the GF7 a lot more than my G6 - granted, the G6 offers a lot more controls and much, much, much better handling but - it is a lot easier and less disrupting to have the GF7 with a 15mm f/1.7 always at hand in the living room, always ready for a quick picture to capture the moment (I have a 3yr old boy). Other kids and guests don't seem to mind it. The G6 looks more intimidating and people either look at the camera, go away, or start to pose immediately.

The GF7 makes much more sense when going out as a family, too, coupled with a couple of small primes 15mm f/1.7 or 14mm f/2.5, and 45mm f/1.8. I now complement it with a TZ-200 for outdoors, long reach. I tried bringing the G6 with a 14-140mm, a combination that I used to love carrying around - now I find it cumbersome, I was not taking it to picnics, outings to the playground, etc. (TZ-200 comes with me every time, now. Not the same quality by a distance, but it gets the job done.)

I'm not complaining: I like the GF7 output quality and I think it offers a lot for its price/size but... at some point, I would like to be upgrade it. Surely I'm not the only one.

At some point I'd like to get the "new" 20MP sensor, and perhaps an improved shutter with faster flash sync (GF7 has a 1/50 limit). I realise IBIS in this size is difficult, but the E-PL cameras have something, so perhaps that itself would be an upgrade path.

anybody else is keeping an eye of the these cameras?

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