Are you considering the Full Frame Foveon?

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saltydogstudios Senior Member • Posts: 1,251
Are you considering the Full Frame Foveon?

2020 is approaching. The fp has launched.

Sony now has a 61 megapixel sensor & with the trend in APS-C and Micro-Four-Thirds it's only a matter of time before we see a 100 megapixel Full Frame sensor.

Canon and Nikon have now entered the fray and if you want their lenses (Canon's famed f/1.2 series, or Nikon's unaffordable f/0.95 lens) you'll have to buy into their systems.

Is the Full Frame Foveon still on your wish list?

(Since everyone will say "it depends on the body" - let's just assume the body is ideal or at least acceptable to you.)

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I will definitely buy it.
18.8% 15  votes
I will consider it.
68.8% 55  votes
I do not plan to buy it.
12.5% 10  votes
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