Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

riveredger wrote:

donaldsc wrote:

Put bluntly you are a sleazy crook. You remind me of the people who back in the day would buy a suit of clothes for the guest of honor at a funeral and then return the suit after the event was over. You should be ashamed of yourself. Did your mother raise you to behave that way.

The OP stated explicily that he does not buy with the intention of returning. I think your comments are way out of line and judgemental.

This quote from his post sure sounds like he is seriously considering a buy and try approach -

"I've rented before and ended up buying so I'm not just buying with 0 probability to keep.

Has anyone gotten into issues with renting via the buy-and-return method?"

What does "0 probability to keep" mean.  0.5% probability to keep?  2% probability to keep? 5% probability to keep. 10%? 30%?.

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