Considering leaving the Fuji Fam for Canon & Olympus

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Considering leaving the Fuji Fam for Canon & Olympus

I love my Fuji cameras. The ergonomics, the colors, the lenses.

But now Canon has a full frame mirrorless mount and I love the Canon colors (perhaps even more than the Fuji colors). And those f/1.2 lenses look sweet. Sure just the body and a trinity (35, 50, 85) will cost as much as my Fuji bodes and ~8 or so Fuji lenses - but it's a "no compromises" platform.

I've handled them in person and they're beasts - but then so are the Fuji 80mm and the FUji 56mm.

I've recently gotten into Olympus and - the image quality isn't as good as a Fuji but the image stabilization and the smaller cameras and lenses make up for it.

So the big heavy Canon for my more serious work - where image quality matters and where I want shallow depth of field.

And Olympus for my travel camera where - I'm ok with a bit less image quality because it's just that bit more portable.

Does anyone else have experience with Canon & Olympus? Why do you still shoot Fuji, or are you also considering switching?

Fuji was my "swiss army knife" platform - great image quality AND portable, but now I'm thinking of splitting into great image quality / portable in two separate platforms.

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