f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

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Re: f8 and 1/2500 on an A7Riv

Thanks for the links. It’s a bit technical but interesting and I’ll try to get my head around it. I was unfamiliar to dual gain ISO and this is new information to me.

I just find it odd that dual gain ISO exists at values so close to each other. If ISO 320 has more dynamic range than say ISO 200/250, wouldn’t it make sense if the camera had an option to skip ISO’s between 200 and 320? Sure this doesn’t work in all situations but considering they’re so close, it’s something post processing can fix.

I find it really surprising that say ISO 250 has a handicap to ISO 320 when it should be the other way around.

Wouldn’t it also make more sense to have designed a sensor with dual gain ISO at 100 and then at 3200 for example? I’ll assume it’s not that easy and a bit more technical than that.

Again this is new to me and I don’t know how I’ll best determine which ISO’s to choose in this range but will read over the links and hope I can make sense of it that it eventually comes naturally to me.

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