RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

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Re: RF 70-200F2.8L specs leaked

Abu Mahendra wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

shawnphoto wrote:

dmanthree wrote:

Abu Mahendra wrote:

Landscapers, I reckon, would appreciate a RF12-24/4. I would appreciate a RF100-300/4IS.

I'd buy both of them in a heartbeat.

Why would Canon make a 12-24 when they already make an 11-24 for EF?

What a strange question! They'd make it for the same reason they're making an RF 24-70, 70-200, and 24-105: because the new mount allows them to produce better lenses! Taking your logic one step further, why bother to make RF lenses at all?

The logic is strange indeed. The other questionable bit is the rejection that f/4 lenses make sense. In fact, with the ever increasing low-light sensitivity of sensors, slower lenses make ever increasing sense.

What is strange about the logic? I don't see the point of making a 12-24 f/4 when they already make an 11-24 f/4. Presumably they can make the 11-24 f/4 much smaller and lighter on RF?

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