Would a K-3 mirror less and one good zoom save Pentax?

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Re: Would a K-3 mirror less and one good zoom save Pentax?

Anders_Nilsson wrote:

Recently I read some threads how Pentax is the only manufacturer to not have a mirrorless system and how this spells sure doom for the brand.

But if the 43 mount was shortened into the M43 mount by cutting off the mirror box then Pentax ought to be able to do the same. And most people would be happy with a good universal zoom.

What do you think, could a compact K-3 ML with a modern Sony OSPDAF sensor (even if only 24mp) and an updated HSM 16-85 with more exotic glass and full weatherproofing be all that is needed to save the brand and build a customer base around ergonomics and weather proofing and then provide the revenue to do the same to the FF line?

And then allow Pentax to develop more lenses to stay competitive.

Or are we all dooooooooomed?

I suspect we are all doooooooooooomed.

But, having said that, for a 'doomed' camera, the KP certainly is fun to shoot with. And Kirk Tuck, a wiser and better photographer than I, has recently blogged extensively about the joys of shooting with a K-1 (as opposed to all the state-of-the-art newer mirrorless systems he uses for his professional work).

On the other hand, I'm probably not the best person to speculate on whether Pentax is doomed....after all, I used to drive a SAAB...

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