Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

kaphinga wrote:


I live in Atlanta, with a metropolitan population almost six million. The last dedicated camera store closed in 2017. You might be able to pick up an entry level Canon or Nikon at Best Buy, but that's it.

I think you would be surprised at what your local Best Buy stocks.

A quick check of their web site indicates that my local Best Buy has the Canon 5D4, 80D, 90D, 6D II, and various Rebels in stock.  They also have a collection of Canon's mirrorless line, and a nice selection of consumer and "L" series lenses.  I didn't check other brands, but I assume they have similar stocking policies for Nikon, etc.

There also seem to be a couple of Atlanta area Best Buy stores with similar stock.

If I were planning a *major* purchase (like switching systems), I would most likely fly to New York and spend a day trying cameras at B&H. That's an expensive option, but it's probably cheaper than renting a bunch of gear or buying a system that i am not happy with.

That's certainly a reasonable choice.  The B&H store is an amazing place.  Just remember they close early on Friday, and are closed all day on Saturday.

Depending on where you are, and how many cameras you are deciding between, it might be less expensive to rent a camera for a few days, then to fly to New York,

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