90D! I like it very much!!

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Re: 90D! I like it very much!!

thomste wrote:

Thank you. It doesn't explain why the stationary subjects shots are blurry though... i tried slower shutter speed and still was getting fuzzy shots at 600mm

I only meant to slow down shutter speed when faster than 1/2000 sec.

You've got shutter speeds slower than 1/200 sec and some under 1/100.

That's way too slow. There are 3 issues:

1) Not in focus. I doubt that's the problem since you have other issues.

2) Too slow shutter speed means you have camera shake.

3) Too slow shutter speed means the bird is moving and you're not freezing it.

At 600mm you need a pretty fast shutter speed even when the bird appears to be almost not moving.  By pretty fast I mean at least 1/400 or maybe even up to 1/1000.

Those birds are moving even if you cannot see it. And 600mm requires even faster.

So I'm telling you what sounds like two contradictory things but are not.

For birds in flight 1/2000 or maybe even 1/2500. Anything faster can be used to lower ISO and close down aperture a bit.

For birds that appear to be still and you want to use some shutter speed to lower ISO and close aperture don't go too slow since you may not be holding the 600mm lens steady enough or you're not freezing the bird.

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