Dust on the sensor I am thinking. I am so done with this!! GR III

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Re: Accept that every camera model has some samples with dust....

Thank you...yes, I can see where I was not checking the facts. Much appreciate your clarification


TN Args wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

Bejersey wrote:

Sorry, but I don't accept it and... if you're implying that I have "damaged" the camera, you are terribly mistaken. How weird you would imply that.

Rick, I don't think that's what he (TN Args) said or implied at all. He said that sometimes dust gets in. And he said that it may get in before you even get it (i think). He said that we should perhaps accept these things happen and that it may not be because the camera is badly designed and should hence be rejected or replaced with another camera.

You've got to choose what you do.

Correct on all counts!

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