EM5Mii VS Sony A7R3 Real world Birding + Photos

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EM5Mii VS Sony A7R3 Real world Birding + Photos


Em5Mii with pany 150-400

Sony A7r3 with sigma 150-600

This is not meant to be a flame war of systems. i own a like both systems. I just wanted to get this out there. I am trying to pair down my systems if possible or justify my purchases of having them. I been deciding on different systems in addition to my m43 gear. So in looking at capable systems I bought a sony a7r3 about 4 months ago in addition to a sigma 150-600 C version.

First I always thought the a7r3 +150-600 combo would yield better results automatically. I have never really tested them side by side test until a few weeks ago.

Anyway, a real life birding situation came up where I took some shots in absolute horrible light. I know the shots are not very good but just wanted to test some real life photography. The situation is very low light, hand held.

For Starters what I noticed.

1. Oly hand held is way more usable with slow shutter speeds.

2. Using Oly 2X digital crop is great. Used it many times Really like it use.

3. Oly focused faster in low light more accurate.

4. Able to hold lower shutter speeds thus lower ISO.

5. Sony full frame at APS-C is 18 mp at 900 mm f6.3

6. Sony with IBIS and Sigma IBIS is not nearly as good.

7. Sony you really need expensive glass to make the sensor shine against aps-c...

8. Sony image falls apart at iso 8000, 10000, 6400 more than you think. Full frame is not a gigantic jump.

So take a look, I had to use a higher ISO for the sony to reduce shake with being handheld as the IBIS is not as good. I could of probably used a slower shutter speed but i kept it at 1/500 to 1/800th

The Oly was as low as I could go on shutter. I also used the 2x digital converter since the 100-400 is 800mm and the sony is 900mm. Again horrible light for this.

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