Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

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I was about to rent a lens for $100.

But then I thought I could also just buy and return.

I've rented before and ended up buying so I'm not just buying with 0 probability to keep.

Has anyone gotten into issues with renting via the buy-and-return method?

Just go into a shop and ask to see/try a demonstration model .

And if said shop does not have it available?

there are other shops

NO THERE ARE NOT. The majority of the planet does not have brick and mortar stores left. How do you not know this?


As per my previous post , the UK is chock full of camera shops ; ditto pretty much every country in Europe . A couple of years back I tok a holiday in Tenerife - EVERY single street had at least one camera shop , in some streets the camera shops outnumbered other shops .

Go to the far east and you'll find the same thing - most big cities in Japan are the same , Hong Kong has plenty of camera shops .

How do you not know this ?

Consider yourself lucky. I have not seen one city in the US with a camera shop on every block (it is actually almost comical that you think this is the case). Most towns do not even have camera shops. Does this change your thoughts on how we should all run down to the local store?

To be fair, I live in a city.  While not a traditional "camera store", there's a Best Buy and a Target within 2 blocks of my studio.  Both stock name brand DSLR cameras.

If I'm willing to walk a mile, there are dozens of tourist shops that sell camera equipment (although I wouldn't trust many of them).

If I am willing to get in my car, there are dozens of big box stores (Best Buy, CostCo, Target, Sams Club, etc.) that carry camera gear.  There are a handful of actual camera stores a few miles away in the downtown area.

Although, if I want a real camera store, my preference is Pitman Photo, but that's a half hour drive.

My guess is that while many areas no longer have dedicated camera stores, there may be other stores that carry a reasonable selection of camera gear.

A camera is an expensive item.  I think it's worth driving to a camera store to hold the camera/lens in your hand before buying it.   Of course if you do visit a local store, that's where you should buy the camera.  Otherwise you won't have that store for very long.

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