ISO 800+ -- high noise

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No reason whatsoever why I shot the external one at 1/200th as second.  I had shutter speed on auto, and chose aperture and ISO, thinking ISO 800 would yield good results.  I assume (but don't remember) that earlier in the sunrise, shutter speed was slower and so I set ISO at 800 and didn't think about it again because I assumed there wouldn't be too much noise.  Now that I know better, I would've set ISO lower and let the shutter speed be slower.  Somewhat similar issue with the internal -- I shot at f/8 because I thought ISO 800 would yield good results.  Now I know better.

So now I've definitely learned to sacrifice shutter speed or DOF for ISO.  I guess my original questions still arises in contexts in which, say, I might be at f/1.8 and 1/30th second, but ISO needs to be at 800 or higher.  But I've already gotten lots of good advice on these forums on what's technologically happening, and what can (and can't) be done about it.

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