Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

pcrc11 wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

After all, the store sets a policy. It's the store's problem if you use their policy in a way other than what they intended.

You are 100% correct.

It's like a next to a cash register with a "Take a penny, leave a penny" sign.

The store's policy is that you can leave pennies there or take them. Therefore it's perfectly OK to take all the pennies. Such behavior may be against the spirit of the rule, but may not be against the letter of the rule.

The Paul C. Buff company offers a 60-Day Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee.  Why not order a complete lighting set every 45 days, and return the old one when the new one arrives.   You can have a full lighting set for many years, for only the cost of shipping.   Even better, your gear is always under warranty, and you don't have to worry about it wearing out from old age.  You may even be doing enough shipping to get a discounted rate.   While such behavior may be against the spirit of the policy, it certainly is within the letter of the policy.

What we are talking about is whether our behavior should be limited only by the letter of the law, or whether there should be moral or social constraints on our actions?

As you walk down the street, it is usually legally to insult everyone you pass, call them names, question their intelligence, and make fun of their fashion sense.  The fact that this behavior is allowed by the rules does not mean that it is acceptable to behave in that fashion.

During times of drought,  our local water department will sometimes ask us to conserve water.  The initial request is usually voluntary.  After such a request it would be legal for me to run my sprinklers 24 hours a day, however that doesn't mean it would be right for me to do so.

Many stores offer a generous return policy for those who intend to buy a product, but are not 100% sure that it's right for them.  The policy is not intended to be used by those who have little or no intent to keep the product.

Yes, under the letter of the policy, people can use it for free rentals, however that doesn't mean it is right to do so.

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