Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

Pontoneer wrote:

pcrc11 wrote:

Pontoneer wrote:

Many car dealers do offer weekend long test drives , you just have to insure the car ; some even supply the fuel .

You are completely missing the point. OP was not talking about borrowing, test driving or anything else other than PURCHASING and returning in order to try it out. There is not a car dealer on the planet that would allow you to PURCHASE a vehicle, drive it for a week, a day or even off the lot and then return it for a full refund.

No he wasn't , but if you care to read back , I was responding directly to YOUR post :

"Your "test drive" a car analogy is so far from this it is laughable. Go ask your local car dealer if you can purchase a car on Friday, drive it for the weekend and then bring it back on Monday for a full refund."

And to that point it is entirely pertinent .

Besides , another contributor also stated that his car dealer routinely gives him week long test drives .

Oh , and when I ran my videography business , a dealer I bought a lot of kit from used to quite happily lend me camcorders , VCRs and many other items to try out - he trusted me to return the stuff in the same condition it was given out in , and of course I only borrowed things I could afford to pay for if I damaged them , or if I decided to keep them , which I sometimes did ( and he knew there was a reasonable chance of making a sale out of lending me things ) .

Justify it however you want. As this practice of "buying and return" in order to get a free rental becomes more pervasive they will put an end to it one way or the other as it affects their bottom lines. The big boys have already caught on. Amazon has already started tracking and removing users who are serial returners and ebay has started a program to reimburse sellers for shipping and allowing restocking costs for items bought in "new" condition and then being returned in used condition.

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