I don't understand FF psychology

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Re: I don't understand FF psychology

Adrian Harris wrote:

As an m43 shooter I am in a small minority which truthfully really puzzles me.

I am constantly asked by very experienced FF photographers - whose abilities I really respect - how do I get my pictures so sharp and how do I manage to photograph dragonflies in flight so easily?

When asked I explain its not me, it's the camera and lens and mention a few relevant and important features.

When we go out shooting they struggle to lift their huge and seriously heavy backpacks out of the car and see my little bag.

Yet none will ditch their 'precious' canon and nikon FF kit !

Many of my friends have over the last year have now complimented their big dslr's with the new Canon and Nikon mirrorless cameras because they are smaller and lighter, yet strangely found that it made virtually no difference to the weight of their back packs - go figure!

It strikes me that it is irrelevant how good m43 actually is, marketing needs to somehow breakthrough their psychological FF mindset barrier.

Because even if m43 was twice as good as any FF, I have a feeling that the FF mindset would still prevail.

Luckily I saw the light many years ago

Smartphone owners look down at you. Their photos not just better, it greater than yours.

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