Ways to try gear.

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Re: Ways to try gear.

pcrc11 wrote:

Pontoneer wrote:


You are completely missing the point. OP was not talking about borrowing, test driving or anything else other than PURCHASING and returning in order to try it out....

I guess we interpreted the OP a little differently.

To me, it seemed he wanted to rent a lens.  However, he realized that he could save some money by buying the lens, and then returning it.

He wanted to justify this by pointing out that on at least one previous occasion, he has ended up buying something he rented, and therefore there is a non-zero chance he might decide to keep the lens.

I certainly got the impression that his intention was not to keep the lens (although there was a possibility he could change his mind).

His actual question was about what sort of issues he might run into by using the buy/return method of renting for free, rather than an actual paid rental.

The issues that have been mentioned include:

  • Many stores track returns, and will refuse further sales to, or revoke the return privileges of, customers with lots of returns.
  • Some people consider the practice to be less than ethical, and therefore the OP may receive negative comments from peers.
  • Such behavior raises the cost to stores, and causes prices for everyone to go up.  Thus others end up paying for the rental.  Some people consider this to be anti-social behavior.
  • It's possible that something could happen which would prevent the return of the lens (perhaps cosmetic damage to the barrel), thus preventing the OP from getting his desired refund when he tries to return the lens.

To be fair, some have suggested the practice is perfectly OK.  After all, the store sets a policy.  It's the store's problem if you use their policy in a way other than what they intended.

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