LX 100 - user comments as a pocket camera?

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Re: LX 100 - user comments as a pocket camera?

Cyril Catt wrote:

malcolmbebb wrote: Thanks for all the comments. I revisited the LX100 at a nearby store, and it was definitely bigger than I remembered from last time!

There doesn't seem to be much else in its class for a small bodied camera with a viewfinder and a fast lens. The LX10 is nice, but slower lens and no viewfinder.

The old LX7 would do, but the viewfinder is optional and I couldn't find one with viewfinder.

The LX10's F1.4 lens is faster than the LX100's F1.8, and a simple attachment such as a ClearViewer might be suitable to overcome the lack of an EVF on the LX10 (or the LX7).

good bright screen to... personally I don’t miss a viewfinder on a small compact as long as the screen is good

Most cameras in this size concentrate on big zoom.

I have a M4/3 camera which will be my main camera, and I have a F1:4 prime and a 40-150 tele in addition to the kit lens, but both combinations are bulky. I usually like to have one camera with a longish lens, and one with a short lens (and my phone of course) and often end up using all three depending on the event and the conditions.

I have a little TZ19, which meets the pocket requirement with OK zoom, but is too slow in poor light and no viewfinder so usual problems at the other end of the scale in bright sunlight. And jpeg only.

And I really like the look of the LX100 - so now I have to talk myself out of the pocketability (!) or talk myself out of the spec.

Once again, thanks for the help.

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