Sony didn't err with the A9II & the A7RIV

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Re: Sony didn't err with the A9II & the A7RIV

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Winning over a small, but influential set of photographers would be a BIG WIN for Sony. The visibility of Sony cameras in a major event is a BIG WIN. It's actually interesting to see a company with the guts to do something like this. They know it's probably not a camera that appeals to everyone. They know there will be a lot of complaints from people who want something else and didn't get what they want.

Pro sports shooters influence on non professionals?  Maybe but I'm skeptical.. If I'm not a pro, I don't need 24 MP files as nothing I shoot needs to be rushed off to an editor. I kinda like a camera that shoots like an a9 but has the capability to be both a sports/action AND a landscape detailed tool. Wildlife photographers I know seem to have ditched their D5 or 1DXII in favor of a more versatile body that takes better images with IQ detail.  It's nice to see Sony has released the a7 r iv.

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