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Re: Sign of aging.

Bill Borne wrote:

abiquiuense wrote:

While in the archive, I fell in love with my hawk again, and prepped it for the 2019 contest. Then, I checked the exif. Missed it by that much. So, I'm presenting it to you folks.

It's cropped and resized only.

"Off; in the distance."

It's my sharpest bird picture yet.

And, here's the original, resized. The lens is set at 400mm. It's in a cottonwood included in a series of cottonwoods (populus wislizeni) that form an avenue which greets me on the way to town. These tree are now in orange/yellow stage of Autumn. More later on that.

Since I'm not all that acquainted with hawks, I venture to say that it's a red tailed hawk, or, "gavilán pollero."

Of course C&C is welcome.


I don't know what kind of hawk but I like the shot. Too bad you didn't have a longer lens

I would like that obscene megapixel thing that keeps flashing to my right eye with a telescope for a business end, however, you know how that goes.

The 400mm has a crop factor that extends the magnification by 1.5 effectively making it a 600mm, and even then, this is what I got.  I like the fifty frames that I got from the event and then it took off.  I got that also cuz I set the ISO up and used a fast speed.

I also appreciate you having noted my "sign of the season" post.  I get it.  No one likes a picture of someone else's art, but, I couldn't resist stopping in the middle of a snowstorm to take the picture.  And, in this desert, one has not the luxury to pass up a beautiful cloud picture, or an interesting sign.

Later, gotta start thinking about sitting my 2.5 year old grandson.  He likes hanging around me, hugging my leg, jumping on my back, begging to help me wash dishes, scrub the floor, oh, wait, that's a dream, . . .

"Oh, Babe.  Look, Bill's laughing."  "And, now he's running downstairs to turn the drum."


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